Pool covers not only keep the water clean. They also help to prevent heat loss and reduce energy costs by up to 80 percent.

High durability

The slats of our covers - especially those made of PC and PCTR - are much more resistant to chlorine, hail and UV radiation when used properly compared to other systems. PCTR is manufactured with an additional UV protective layer by a special TRI extrusion process. It is extremely resistant to weathering and has a longer service life than conventional materials.

Easy cleaning

Swimming pool covers protect the pool from coarse soiling by leaves, branches and other debris. The result is good water quality and reduced consumption of water care products. The smooth surface of the slats allows you to clean the pool cover easily and conveniently.

Extended bathing season

The floating solar slats can raise the water temperature in the pool by six to eight degrees, because their black underside and transparent top ensure that the sun's heat is used optimally. The sun's rays pass through the transparent top and are captured by the black underside. As the slats rest on the water surface, the heat energy is released directly. You will benefit from using the pool for a longer period from May to October!

Protection of the environment

Our pool covers help you to significantly reduce the energy consumption of your pool. Since they also inhibit algae growth, you will also need to use less water care products. So by buying a pool cover you are actively contributing to environmental protection!

Natural algae protection

A pool cover reduces the amount of light reaching the water, thus preventing algae growth. Algae growth is optimally minimised with the solar slats by UV protection in the slat hinge chambers. The black hook construction shields the sunlight and the additional innovative hinge technology ensures better water circulation, which leads to less algae contamination on the hook parts. An additional benefit: the need for water care products is kept to a minimum. Minimise the breeding ground for algae growth!

Energy saving

Swimming pool covers contribute to energy saving in many ways. For example, they maintain the temperature of the water and thus counteract evaporation. Thanks to the lower humidity, the operating time of the dehumidifier is reduced, which saves electricity costs. If you use a cover for your indoor pool, you can also reduce the room temperature because the pool cover keeps the water temperature constant. There is no longer any need for heat to be supplied from outside.

Protection of building material

Less evaporation means less humidity and therefore more protection for the building fabric. This is because the humidity that always occurs in indoor pools can cause the water vapour on the walls to form mould - an air dehumidification system counteracts this. With a cover, you no longer have to run the dehumidifier for such a long time and save energy costs in addition to protecting the building fabric. One more good reason to use a cover in your swimming pool hall!


Infants and pets benefit from the increased accident prevention offered by the pool cover with their load capacity. Attention: A swimming pool cover alone does not provide accident protection! Only in combination with mounted handrails and safety belts do the covers provide adequate protection. Protect your loved ones from accidents!

Made in Germany

WaterBeck manufactures its customised, automated pool covers exclusively from high-quality materials in Germany.