High durability

Easy cleaning

Extended bathing season

Protection of the environment

Natural algae protection

Energy saving

Protection of building material

Easy cleaning

Pool covers are not only visually appealing, but also extend the swimming pool season, protect the pool from contamination, and reduce power consumption. WaterBeck specialises in the production of customised automatic covers, with “Made in Germany” quality, that blend perfectly into their surroundings.

Pool Profile

Our profiles are made of high-quality plastics (PC, PCTR and PVC) and are much more resistant to chlorine, hail and UV radiation, than sheet covers. They are characterised by their durability.

Retractor systems

In line with your requirements, here you can find the right roll-up device for your swimming pool cover.

Drive systems

Our drives for your roll-up devices are developed, manufactured and tested in our factory for maximum quality and safety.